To serve, is a privilege, a luxury.
If you can afford this luxury, if you deserve this privilede, you will have My undivided attention and care.

Welcome to the first step in exploring your kinkier side!

Whether you are a total novice or an experienced player, I can cater to you.
Because of My performance art and unique background, I have abilities beyond the usual young Domme.
My intentional energy lure the curious and the seasoned slave from far and wide.

A booking request is just that, a request.
Our interests and desires will have to be at least a little compatible. This will benefit you even more than it will benefit Me.

You can be sure that if I agree to a session with you I will be enjoying it as much if not more, than you will.

The floor is your place, your tongue is the cleaning brush I use for My stilettos.

Important Information
(please read)

Your information will be kept strictly confidential because your privacy is as important as My safety (unclear or incorrectly filled in forms will be ignored).

Please be aware I am ‘based’ in Manchester but I travel overseas very often for work and therefore I am not always in the UK.
It is very important to check My Location & Travel Notices and check to see if I am in Manchester, UK or if I am traveling near you, before booking.

My Fetish’s page is a good source of inspiration and information regarding different kinks and interests. This page is especially good reading for novice newcomers to the BDSM realm because it will give you an idea of what kinky play is as well as learn what kind of sessions you can expect from Me.

If you would like to learn more about Me, why not go to My Blog Posts? Here you will learn a little more about what I do and how to act when you first visit a Pro Dominatrix.
Because of the nature of BDSM I do not detail every single action that is explored in sessions but I do rather enjoy writing and sharing My experience and stories.

Be careful, for She is ravenous.

Please note:

When you book an hour with Me, you will get the FULL hour (surprisingly I have to mention this)
I do not ‘accidentally’ let you release with 20mins left (aka shorter duration for same pay)
I only accept session applications where our kinks ‘match’ to ensure quality and enjoyment on both our parts.
I do not leave the room during our session.
I do not take promo photos during our session unless previously agreed
I do not use our session to take promotional photos of Myself.

As professional Dominatrices, we deal with a LOT of time wasters and emails from horny excited people who just want to fantasise about a ‘session’ – that never go anywhere.
For this reason I DO NOT engage in lengthy email communication or any explicit detail. If you do not trust that I am the one for you, then broaden your search and find someone else.

If you cannot afford My rates, save up and fill this out when you can.