Double Vaccinated & ready for more Double Domme

London Double Domination

Hello friends, kinksters, perverts and the nosey ones that enjoy reading My sporadic blogging, how are we all doing today? This is just a short little post basically to celebrate the fact that I am double vaccinated (t minus 2 weeks until the second jab becomes fully effective) and have been blessed by the BDSM Goddess’ that I have finally been able to share Double Domme sessions with My favourite Mistress in the biz (and I can’t contain My excitement!)

This has and is a long, confusing, overwhelming and weird time. As a self employed, world traveling artist, I would say theoretically, I was the most prepared kind of person when the pandemic first hit. In the sense that I was used to sitting at home doing nothing and not earning money for long, extended, confusing, overwhelming and stressful periods of time. My life has been a weird mix of these elements for some time which has been the payoff I receive for total freedom in My life. I have always given up the regular, expectant income and structure of ‘normal’ life with a normal regular job to be able to be (geographically) where ever I want to be, wake up when I want to wake up, do yoga, meditate, go back to bed or decide to do work that time. Freedom was My valued payoff for the irregular way My schedule would ebb and flow with both work, income and security. The worst part about the start pandemic was the total abrupt stop of all and future income coupled with a rude snatching away of the travel freedom I have so long enjoyed.

But now, almost two years on from the start, the effect has changed, waned and evolved to interrupt and disrupt My life and My freedoms in other ways (and all of the same ones listed above, compounded too.) And I know everyone, across all industries, is feeling similar levels of exhaustion and frustration. The new normal is a hard pill to swallow especially when it itself keeps changing. There is no constant, there is no new normal. There is – this normal, then the next one, then three steps backward, oh lets start again and now lets change this one major part of the second to last normal you just got used to – phew! Tired even trying to type out what we have all been experiencing.

For these long winded and self indulgent reasons, I am bloody excited to have been able to receive My second dose of the vaccine to be well on My way to being apart of the (hopeful) solution/adaptable way to combat this giant pain in all of our asses that we call, the Covid Pandemic of 2020 (and beyond…)

It’s thrilling to feel like we can do something other than complain and although vaccines are (weirdly) controversial these days (remember kindergarten? Vaccinations were a part of the deal to getting to go to school, like they are a part of the deal of getting to go to many countries – they really do just help and are required to join society en mass sometimes, duh) a vaccine to a world wide pandemic flu really does seem to be the smartest and easiest thing, to get on board with.

So here I am, feeling slightly smug and slightly safer for both Myself, My clients and society at large. Not so secretly hoping everyone gets as turned on as Me thinking about how once we are all vaccinated we can go back to having fun, traveling to see friends, family, live music, art, events (oh and all the pegging and pissing on one another once again!). I say once again for that last bit, but actually I just mean much more often and with less risks, less shut down periods etc. because luckily for us in the UK we have been able to (self test) and re-open dungeons for quite a while and I personally have been doing a fair bit of pegging and pissing on all kinds of people.

Now that the double vaccination excitement is out of My system, time to share the double Domination part of this blog, something that has been as exciting! I’ve been back and forth to London for lately and finally been able to indulge in some luxurious and very debauched Double Domme sessions with one of My favourite women, Mistress Adreena.

Adreena has been a long time friend and one of the first and most supportive people when it came to Me considering bringing My kink into the world of Pro Domming. I have admired, perved and generally lusted over Adreena for literal years on end and am always blown away by her dedication, aesthetic and empathetic approach to BDSM. Spending any time with one of the most hottest and smartest women you know is one thing, but to get to share energy and space within session with someone you admire, desire, value and are inspired by is another level of fuck yes.

A few smart boys booked us for double Domination sessions on My last visit and were rewarded with our eagerness. Palpable chemistry is a good way to describe the connection between Mistress Adreena and I. Two hours in a hotel vanished like 30 minutes talking to anyone else and two hours in the dungeon sped by like time does when you are having (naughty, naughty) fun.

We had so much fun, that in all our naughty time together we straight up forgot to take one single photo. It used to be that taking a photo was proof you had a good time, now so often, not taking any photos is the truest sign of having real, in the moment fun with someone you enjoy, don’t you agree?

One of Mistress Adreena’s regular slaves asked to for a double Domination session revolving around mouthy school boy getting spit roasted as his degenerate detention scene and has even written his experience down in his blog. A wonderful and salacious read, full of sordid details and sometimes verbatim humiliation and female domination! (also, word to the wise, this is what a good submissive/slave is – loyal but open and honest about seeing other Goddess’, always communicative and truly curious to explore any and all of what BDSM can offer him/Us!)

As I am writing this I have just secured a new hotel in London for My second visit in as many months. BDSM sessions are limited due to pre booked sessions and other commitments and joys of normal life, but if the idea of kneeling before Mistress Adreena and Myself gets you all hot, bothered (and maybe twitching thinking of how our feet hitting your cock and balls or how our hands wrapped around your throat and mouth might feel…) do not hesitate to contact Me to see if you can secure one last Double Domme session before I really have to say goodbye to London (until likely October/November).

Do your best to try and impress Me with your tastes and what you can offer Us, as I said, spaces are limited and we reserve the right to do whatever the fuck we want!

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