Extending My stay in Helsinki 🇫🇮

What can I say – Helsinki you are My second home and I cannot leave just yet.

I was due to fly back to UK earlier this month but as a second UK lockdown loomed, the thought of spending more time in My favorite, cold, dark but wonderfully warm at heart city, was becoming more and more appealing

Added to this the wonderfully polite, well groomed and pleasant smelling devotees I had already had as clients, the decision to stay formed rather quickly in My mind.

Hard to not want to extend My stay in the stunning apartment perfect for sessions

We extended our stay in the luxury Airbnb and although I’ll now be paying double rent – the payoff is obvious.

Gorgeous location, devoted, eager and generous submissive clients, one of My favorite cities in the world and all the luxury of being in a country with such a low rate of Covid that restaurants, bars, shops and museums are all open (and safe to patron)

Feeling very grateful and very fortunate to be able to choose this little working holiday. To all the submissives who have booked Me so far – thank you. You have all made My stay here not only possible but full of naughty bottoms to spank till they glow, girly sluts to use and abuse, pathetic losers to piss on and wonderful submission to kink My teeth into.