Happy New (lockdown?) Year!

Long, long time, no blog! It’s been a whirlwind of an end of year/start of new year for Me. I finished up My time in Helsinki, Finland with a lot of wine, fine dining and shopping! Headed back to the UK I thought ‘perfect timing, as Finland starts to tighten up (and bookings due to Covid fizzled to next to none) England is starting to open back up just as we are headed home!’

How wrong I was! It was maybe a week after returning ‘home’ that a third national lockdown in the UK was pending and our usually bumbling PM was on the tv, looking rather matter of fact and somberly informing us that Christmas was in fact, cancelled! And there in lies the bursting of our holiday bubble! Back to reality and back to being grateful for all the time we were able to stay, play and socialise in Finland 🙂

Since returning to the UK I was lucky enough to squeeze in one (legal and law abiding) session at My new dungeon home The Manchester Chambers.

What a delight to be in latex and strapping a naughty boy to a bench, but I have to admit, wearing masks in session was new to Me and really felt cumbersome in My efforts to emote and connect with My sub. I want My clients to see My smile grow as there body shakes, I want them to notice when My grin begins to bear My teeth as their whimpers increase. It was hard and I must admit I did lift My mask to flash a smile and show My whole beautiful self to the man beneath Me, bound and tied to the cage bed. And then I wondered, is this the new normal (ew, buzzword)?

Can we still emote and connect, whilst keeping distance? Can we read and emit emotion, response and reaction, whilst wearing a mask? Can we be tactile without touch? I believe we can. If there is one thing humans are made for, it’s adaptation. In nature things either adapt or die out. It’s wonderful seeing people, who might of one day made fun of people in Asia wearing masks (and carrying umbrellas in the sun, hello Me!) walking around, shopping, getting out of their cars and putting their masks on, as if it’s totally normal! We love to see it. Adaptation is such a key part of survival and it’s great to see our societies adapting during this time. Mask are imperative, especially right now and I 100% use and support the use of them for ALL of us. Finally, we are working together for some greater good, not just personal gain. I’m loving it! I do however, hope this vaccine sees an end to the need of round the clock mask wearing. I hope once we are all vaccinated, we can chose to wear a mask when we feel sick so as not to infect those around us, and apart from that, we can kiss, hug and smile at each other (or laugh sinisterly while you’re gasping for breathe and begging for Me to stop whatever delicious torture I’m inflicting on your bound body, mind, or soul – or all three if you’re very lucky!)

Until then, we are stuck inside and stuck enjoying each other from afar, for this reason (and because Instagram just removes us from their platform and what a waste of time, energy and money that is for Me…) to make an OnlyFans to share My photos, videos, updates and chat with YOU daily.

At first I was super skeptical about online content and making a paid fan site like OnlyFans but as Instagram deleted My ever growing (4k+) page and all that time and energy vanished in an instant, I realised that My extensive and expensive wardrobe, shoe and toy collection and time spent making Myself into the glamorous Femdom Fatale should be compensated and enjoyed by only the real, dedicated submissives, supporters, and adorers of My work and My body.

Since launching, I have had a lot more fun than I anticipated! Finding the right way to set the scene, light and angle wise, dreaming up and writing down ideas for videos to melt and hypnotise your mind, thrusting My stilettos into the camera and taunting a phantom ‘you’ at how much you’re throbbing to lick and suck those heels was exhilarating and such a huge turn on! The site is now launched, I’m filming/shooting daily to bring a substantial catalogue to the site, bringing high quality BDSM and kink content so My devotees feel like they are in the room with Me, that they can feel My breathe on their neck and that they get drunk on the energy I exude (just like in real life sessions 🙂 Not to mention sink My teeth into the creativity and sexiness of filming custom videos, or doing bespoke photoshoots for you VIPs that are willing to pay for such exclusive delights, so much naughtiness and so much fun!

So what are you waiting for? Sub to Me here and receive a thank you photo and the chance to chat to Me in real time, like never before.