“Orgasms are no longer yours to control, they aren’t even guaranteed!
Your release is dependant on My mood (sometimes your good behaviour)

Photo by phil Ray from FreeImages - open mouth in pleasure.

This type of play is all about your pleasure and My control over it.  

It is a wonderful release from responsibility for you and a lot of devious fun for Me.

I may bring you to the brink of orgasm and then back down, over and over and over again.  Deliciously frustrating!  This is called edging.  If you were to be allowed to release after a good edging, the O is bound to be at least twice as strong!

Other forms of Orgasm Control are:

Tease and denial, this is where you are teased but denied any real pleasure.  Similar to edging but with an emphasis on the teasing and you don’t even get close to your edge.

Forced orgasms, where I make you cum over and over again with no mercy or break (within your limits).

Orgasm denial is another kind of fun torture, but there is no O in sight! Not until the Mistress or Master deems it time. Denial means you will be played with but always denied even getting close to that ever alluring O.

Post O torture, can be confused with forced orgasms but it is not about you reaching orgasm again, but tormenting you with further stimulation so you cannot relax (and is generally about being uncomfortable, not pleased again)

Ruined orgasms, a favourite of the true submissive.  You are allowed to get there but just as you reach the peak,  something is done to distract or change your movement so the orgasm never  makes it.  Ejaculation might occur but that beautiful feeling of an orgasm ripping through you will be torn from your existence and pure frustration is what you’re left with.

All kinds of orgasm control cross over nicely with Chastity.