Hedonistic in Helsinki

Seeing as dungeon sessions, spanking sessions, kinky dates and indulgent BDSM events are forbidden under current conditions, I’ve decided this week’s blog post is going to be a tiny throwback to reminisce My hedonistic time in Helsinki. Specifically, a remote date with My devoted sub, cuck R.

The only picture cuck received that I can share here…

Cuck R got the idea to have a remote date after his trip to London to session with Me in person was sadly cancelled due to the emerging pandemic. Since he knew I was in Helsinki, and that there were no restrictions that would impact fine dining in the Finnish capital, he requested to spend an evening with Myself and My partner/Dom remotely.

After agreeing to My conditions and price, I made a reservation at a beautiful and quintessential Helsinki restaurant, smack bang in the centre of it’s main promenade, Esplanadi.

Whilst I was excited to indulge at My cuckhold’s expense, our remote date started way before the dinner began.

R knows that I, as a rather traditional style and very private Dominatrix, do not share, post (or Skype/real time session) topless or nude, so My bathtime, champagne in hand skype date with him meant he saw nothing intimate but knew it was all there, beneath the cleverly places candles and flowers. Ever tormenting his mind, hinting at what he dreams to see, never dares to even think about touching, is right there, hidden in plain sight.

But he is always respectful of the fact that Skyping with Me, even whilst taking a bath, doesn’t mean he gets to see Me nude. A respectful submissive always gets more than a boundary pusher (who is usually punished in the not so fun ways or thrown out of My realm completely) and My cuckhold enjoyed the flashes of My nude back, ass and tattooed skin, sending his heart racing.

After My makeup and lingerie was applied, I sent cuck R a surprise image that included My just applied red lipsick and something else… Something so titillating, it would lock him into hours of sexual frustration and excitement at the mere thought of it.

Dinner was delicious, two courses only as we had naughty plans for our post dinner section of the date. Throughout the meal cuck R received images of the lovely vegetarian fine dining he was paying for us to enjoy. Good little cuck, facilitating a real woman enjoying a real man and all that entails. All at the cuck’s expense, the only kind of submission a cuck deserves to offer.

Once the meal was eaten and the champagne emptied, we said kittos (thank you) and moikka (goodbye) to the restaurant staff (last to leave, of course) and headed back to our airbnb.

But My night was far from over. Our evening had just begun and we were planning a tormenting audio only call to a lowly cuck to solidify our night at his expense…

One of My favourite memories from Helsinki, indulgent, sadistic and ever so kinky. A perfect BDSM date with My submissive cuckhold, who I am quite fond of, despite his total lack of manhood!

Does this excite you? Would you like to enquire about whether you are worthy of a remote date? Dare you ask, if I would allow you to listen to the sounds of erotic intimacy? If your mind is swimming with thoughts of joining Me for a date, watching Me apply My lipstick, knowing exactly where it’s going to end up, and all on your dime… you can approach Me via the booking form and then it’s up to Me, whether you are worthy of such an event. Be forewarned, remote dates are not guaranteed to every submission. Elite experiences are dished out when and how I see fit. Remember that, perverts, and have enjoy your dreams tonight!