How to act when you first contact/visit a Dominatrix.

We’ve all been new at something, it makes us feel nervy, unsure and sometimes feel really out of our depth. Seeing a Professional Dominatrix is no different, in fact its worse! You are contacting a (at first) perfect stranger and attempting to share some of the most intimate and private parts of yourself. Your fantasies,Continue reading “How to act when you first contact/visit a Dominatrix.”

Extending My stay in Helsinki 🇫🇮

What can I say – Helsinki you are My second home and I cannot leave just yet. I was due to fly back to UK earlier this month but as a second UK lockdown loomed, the thought of spending more time in My favorite, cold, dark but wonderfully warm at heart city, was becoming moreContinue reading “Extending My stay in Helsinki 🇫🇮”