Top 5 fetish’s I get asked to perform vs MY top 5 sessions I love to facilitate (and why they are not what you expect!)

London mistress

Hello curious readers, this morning I have decided to take you on a journey of the most common kinks and fetish’s I get requests for, and then compare them to the ones I truly love to facilitate. There is luckily, a fairly large overlap with the things I get requests for and the things I enjoy most. And let us not confuse what I like most with the only things I like. I do not engage in any fetish’s that are not at least somewhat enjoyable to Me. After all, I am in charge of everything when it comes to My femdom world so if someone applies to serve Me with a kink I do not enjoy or perhaps do not have the proper training for, I will send them on to a Domina friend who is more suited to their needs.

So often I have applications roll in with careful annotations within the text asking if this in fact, an ok fetish to have, whether it is too weird for Me to accept or if it is even acceptable in essence to be put in written form. I always assure new enquiring minds that their chosen kinks are in fact, not too weird and usually the thing I get asked for the most.

So what does this Dominatrix get asked to engage in the most?

  • Foot/heel worship – one of the gateway drugs of BDSM (ha ha ha!) foot worship is as old as the word fetish. Something about grovelling at someones feet is deeply tied into the fabric of hierarchy in society so it’s no surprise that those inclined to want to submit to an all powerful female figure, gravitate to Her feet and wanting to rub, touch, kiss and lick them. I also find that those that include foot worship in their list of ‘likes’ tend to be the submissive kind not just the kinky fantasist wanting to get off in a dungeon, kind. I do very much approve.
  • Water Sports – if you are unsure what this means, then this is extra fun for Me to write! Water sport refers to being pissed on and / or drinking the said pee pee. Everyone thinks they are the freakiest request I’ve had all year when they gently ask about this but it is in fact the MOST requested kink for Me! Again, being below a superior figure lends itself to the idea of submission and so to have the superior piss on you, furthers the feeling of being less than, of serving and being utterly below them. For some its a form of humiliation (don’t think I have to explain that one) but for others its an intense and intimate experience. Bearing witness to such a private moment is an extreme and unlikely privilege, so those that do, revel in it.
  • Strap on worship – more often than not the obsession with My strap on is to suck and worship it rather than be pounded by it for hours. Although sometimes the two do combine.
  • Full toilet training – now I’ve revealed what water-sports means, if that blew your mind you may want to stop reading right now. I won’t go into detail because I just won’t, but the clue is in the title. Fully being used, as a toilet. Training to take it all. It is what and not what you expect, all rolled into one. An expensive and debaucherous affair, one of My top five requests.
  • Orgasm control – often rolled into a broader session that involves some kind of tie and tease, orgasm control is something that relinquishes the power and control from the organ haver and hands it over, quite literally to Me, the Mistress to command, deny, ruin or fulfil (in ANY way I see fit)

But what are the top 5 sessions I wish for?!

  • Water-sports – luckily for Me my MOST requested session is also My absolute favourite session to offer! There is something powerful about being paid to piss all over someone, knowing the pleasure I am giving them is secondary only to knowing I’m being paid so much for My literal waste. The ultimate ‘femdom’ flex in My humble opinion.
  • OTK – not a serial killer abbreviation but short for Over the Knee spanking! A very tried and tested wholesome scene, literally over My knee and having a good old naughty bottom spanking.
  • Impact/whipping – I absolutely love the ease of tieing, bending over or hanging someone up and letting My imagination rule in which ways and with which implements will I warm them up, build the pace, increase the intensity and bring them to the brink of their limits for a whole session. Pure, unadulterated impact fun. I am feeling relaxed and turned on just writing about it 🙂
  • Tickle torture – rarely requested but by far one of the most wholesome kinds of sessions! Often combined with something naughty as well (foot fetish, orgasm torture, chastity etc) tickling someone is just so much fun. Of course I will bind, tie and restrain you so it is also a bondage experience, with a giggling twist.
  • Mummification – bondage can lead to this but pure mummification is a mediative experience for the client and Myself combined. Sensory and physical deprivation of all senses and surroundings, it’s like a kinky float tank. Sometimes this also involves some teasing, edging or orgasm control but often it is purely an escape. An escape in a latex vacuum bed, latex suit and hood, leather bondage bag or good old plastic wrap, gag and gaffer tape, ahhh the relaxation is mutual My friends.

And there you have it – are you surprised by these results and reasonings? Or are you ever more tempted to go to My booking page and request My attention…?

Impact Play – one of My true loves