Welcome back (to the Dungeon)!

Manchester Mistress
It’s April and that means we are legally aloud to be open!

Spring has sprung in Manchester and your Mistress is finally back in a dungeon, latex and lubricant has never felt so good!

The Manchester Chambers in Ashton and the Fetish emporium in Eccles have both welcomed Me with open arms and hand sanitiser. All COVID-19 regulations are followed and then some, the effort and consideration of the Mistress’ and dungeon owners cannot be overlooked or over appreciated. Impressed and thankful that these wonderful, open minded places are still up and running are understatements.

During the break, the Manchester Chambers has undergone some beautiful changes. A brand new Sissy room coming along beautifully as well as room 3 being trusted with My ideas and handy work! Room 3 is now a luxurious gold and black den of sexual desires and darkest perversions!

It feels like it has been so long, My first session back I spent a good hour and a half in the rooms reacquainting Myself with the space. Luckily I’ve been blessed with a full April of dungeon bookings so I didn’t feel too green for too long.

I’ve met some wonderful new slaves already and am already planning subsequent sessions with more than a few of them. My sadistic heart is warmed when I find a true connection with someone as they kneel at My feet.