Why is a ProDomme so expensive?

Following on from last week’s blog post, I thought the next question a newcomer to the Pro BDSM scene would have, would very likely be this one.

So you’ve done your research, you’ve politely and concisely contacted your Mistress of choice and you are starting to get all kinds of excited at the prospect of delving into your inner most desires with Her but then you notice you forgot to ask Her what Her time costs and oh no – it’s expensive!

Your first clue is in the very title, buddy. You are asking to see a Professional Domina, a trained and skilled Mistress who is able to guide you safely, and expertly through your perversions. Not only is she likely well experienced in BDSM in Her private life (sometimes since a surprisingly young age, call it intuitively kinky) but She will also have professional experience and or training (*not all Mistresses go through official, traditional training. In the USA it has almost exclusively been this way in order for a Domme to begin working as a ProDomme but in other parts of the world like the UK generational and traditional training are not only less common but not as much of a necessity to be accepted as a ProDomme)

Added to knowledge, skill and training – this is a very niche service you are engaging with. Plumbers and hairdressers are also skilled, well trained and knowledgeable but they are priced more according to accessibility than they are to skill level. Sure, some hairdressers are priced at four times that of your local cut and color but generally speaking, seeing a hairdresser is a common thing, with thousands of people providing that service around your city and therefore it is not an extravagant, hard to find, niche within a niche service and so it is not priced as such. Seeing a Dominatrix IS a niche within a niche, it is the ultimate luxury you can add to your life. Think of anything else that is rare, unusual, hard to come by or luxury – any of those things usually come at the price of a cut and colour on your local high street? Didn’t think so.

Even if we miss the part about Her being an expert of the highest caliber, what about the hours you do not see or even have to think about? I’m not just talking about hours of advertising admin, website creation/updates, blog posts so Her website is ever going to be seen on Google, bookkeeping, photos and text updates on all Her platforms (instagram, twitter, website, advertising pages etc) forget about all of those hours.

What about the hour she spends emailing with you and mentally planning the session she is custom making for your enjoyment? Did you realize that we will spend 1-2 hours preparing ourselves and the dungeon / play space before you arrive, and then another hour after your session ends and you leave, to clean, disinfect and reorganize that same space? A one hour BDSM session for you is akin to a minimum of three hours of work for Us.

Yes, it really does work that way. And this is being conservative. Some Dominas must drive 20-45 minutes to reach their chosen dungeon. And that latex catsuit and boots you want Her to wear? Not only does that take half an hour to get on and shiny (really!) but how many hours did she have to work to buy that and all the other kinky wardrobe options She has, on offer for you? A latex catsuit alone is somewhere around the 300£+ mark. One. Single. Outfit. (And that is both sans footwear AND corset which most often completes the look)

Full body latex catsuit and corset – RRP £600!

Latex, leather and heels/boots are bloody expensive, unbelievably so! Just try buying some. Don’t forget the high quality makeup and hair products She must use in order to appear as the Goddess you envision. And what about that background music? She pays for that too. Along with the costs of renting the dungeon you find yourself enjoying and all of Her personal toys, gloves and products She has brought with Her to further benefit your session. Exhausted? Us too! And broke, if we don’t charge accordingly to the luxury, rare and highly specialized service we so kindly provide.

So My dear reader, maybe now you will understand the reasons why that beautiful, powerful, hypnotizing woman you see before you on your screens, costs so much to have Her physical and focused attention, all on you.