London + Manchester Mistress

Mistress Aria

Manchester, London UK

Elite BDSM Mistress

Sensual FemDom

UK & Europe

The ultimate mix of soft and hard, the epitome of juxtaposition. Art, femininity & sadism combine within Mistress Aria.

Are you ready to surrender to your deepest desires?

Meet your Mistress

Mistress Aria embodies what it means to be a powerful feminine figure. Unrelenting femininity, confidence and power, self adorned with hundreds of hours of excruciating art – she knows what it means to suffer and so is the perfect patron of pain and care.

With years of personal experience, fetish performance art and piercing play, your average new Dominant she is not.

If you are looking for true high quality and deep, genuine experiences with a naturally talented and traditionally trained Dominatrix, you have found Her.

Working from the most renowned dungeons equipped with tens of thousands of pounds of the very best in fetish equipment, toys and furniture, Mistress Aria does not compromise on quality in either location or content.

A session with Mistress Aria is truly curated for you and only you. Not cookie cutter kink, not seen on tv and never taking advantage of your time or trust. An hour with Her is a full hour. The pinnacle of the session crafted to happen at Her will with unnerving accuracy, all while leaving you enough time for you to bask in the ecstasy She has created and controlled, before She snaps Her fingers and you realise the session has ended.

Mistress Aria’s Specialties

These depend on the dynamic of course, that magic little word, but your new Mistress is known for My natural talent at spanking and impact play. As well as a top curator of pure, unassisted and highest quality toilet games. Also on My favourites list are humiliation, trampling, foot worship, trampling, sensation play, mummification, chastity, pegging/strap on, CBT, sissification, tease & denial, heavy bondage, sensory deprivation.

I have something of a soft spot for two kinds of subs, cuckholds and those that crave pure over the knee spanking. A cuckolds devotion to the power of the Woman wins them a special place in My heart. The OTK lover is someone who enjoys receiving what I love to give the most, skin to skin contact, the original and purest of corporal punishment.

You are permitted to ask Me regarding a subject you do not see listed here.
You may even discover something new with Me.
Pleasure, pain, control, freedom and everything in between is waiting for you to discover.

*Please note* I am a traditional Dominatrix – this means no foot, hand or any other kind of job on you. I will not be nude or topless. If you are looking for a kinky escort there are many wonderful providers out there for you.

My Locations

I travel far and wide for work and personal passion but I am generally located in Manchester or London, when I am home in the UK.

I work from elite and fully equipped dungeons in Manchester. These dungeons require a rental fee that you will be required to pay as your deposit. When you see the furniture, multiple scene rooms, decor and toys you will see why the dungeon rental is beyond worth it! Unlike seasoning in a hotel or at a home, dungeon sessions are pure kink and what BDSM dreams are made from.

Sessions will generally need to be booked in advance, it is very rare that I am able to accommodate totally last minute booking requests.

*London offers a variety of other wonderful dungeons and I am happy to accommodate your preferences as long as the dungeon of your choice is willing and able to rent space out to us.

Ready to explore your kinky side?

If you’d like to read more about what kinks I cater to, have a read of My Fetish’s
You can also use this page to discover and be inspired by kinky subjects.

Please remember this is a professional BDSM service, and one of the highest quality available to you (anywhere).

Deposits are required and much like My tribute costs, they are non negotiable.

If you cannot afford to serve Me, save up and contact Me then.

If you’re ready to submit to Me, click the button above to begin your journey.

Getting to know each other

Fill in my contact and booking form.
Polite and concise is how to approach Me. You will address Me as Mistress Aria or Mistress ONLY. Respect and hierarchy are key factors in BDSM so polish up, prospective sub. Fill out My booking form and pay the deposit secure the time – I do not engage in lengthy back and forth over email it is time wasting behaviour.
I would however, like to know your desires, expectations, your experience and any physical or medical restrictions in advance.

Get in My good books

Want to know who gets noticed by Me?
Re-read the previous paragraph and get it right. Address Me correctly, read My specialities. Then ask yourself – are you truly ready to be intoxicated by Me? But do you really want to get in my good books? Send me a gift wishlist or unexpected tribute (with note) and you will sure to be noticed.

Let the anticipation fill your every cell

The countdown begins…
Your mind aches with the very thought of me, your body pines for the mysteries of the flesh I am about to delivery to your skin. Every minute of your day is filled with the unknown scent of my presence and how my nails will feel dragging across your neck.