My top 5 tips for photographing latex RIGHT

Latex is a luxurious, sensual and very intimate fabric to wear or to worship, and whilst the how to and how not to care for, get into and get out of latex is a topic for another blog post on another kinky afternoon, it is also a difficult beast to tame in terms of photographing.

Whether your hobby, passion or vocation is wearing or photographing latex (or you’re simply the regular kinkster that wants to make sure their weekend outfit looks as delicious as it felt) – these tips will steer your right.

I had the recent pleasure of meeting with wonderful female photographer Katri Kallio whilst in Helsinki. We discussed the intoxicating allure of FemDom and female energy as well as and of course, how best to shoot this beautiful Libidex latex bodysuit.

So here are my Top 5 tips for photographing latex and getting that shiny image just right!

  1. LUBE AND SHINER. While most hear about talcum powder and latex shiner when they first arrive to the beautiful precipice of the squeaky, rubber clad world, long time aficionados know the key to truly beautiful looking latex (and the easiest way to actually get into it…) is silicone lube AND shiner. Lots of it. Silicone lube adds arguably the best shine and is multipurpose if you catch my drift. Because it is the most cost efficient it is therefore in my opinion, and does a more than decent job of shining latex for selfies and professional photos. But for the best WET LOOK SHINE on your rubber, lube inside to get in and out and then a latex shiner and microfiber towel, on the outside.. You’ll do best to reapply the shiner (or lube) consistently as you are snapping pics. As far as latex (and some other forms of play) goes, you can never have too much lube!
  2. LIGHTING. Even if you’re in your lounge room getting ready to hit the fetish party, lighting latex is key to get that luxuriously wet, shiny seal look you’re after. This might seem daunting if you’re at home, not a ring or box light in sight, but when there’s a slippery will, there’s a way. Look for the brighten light in your house/apartment. The background might not be ideal (can you throw a piece of fabric over the shower or hang it in front of the loo for a faux backdrop? Also remember what your taking this photo for, its for the love of latex aka the kink community not Design and Interiors mag) for but that strong somewhat harsh light is going to bounce of your lubed up latex and give you that desired rubbery look.
  3. LIGHTING WITH COLOUR. Do you have a red lamp somewhere? Or a weird neon tube you bought on Instagram for ultra cool mood lighting that is stashed under your bed and barely used? What about celotape your nephew uses for arts and crafts when he’s visiting? If the answer is yes to any of the above OR even better, if this has inspired you to create some colorful lighting some other creative way then here is tip 3 my friends. In professional photo shoots these color additions are called gels and they ar basically fancy celotape that safely afix to certain studio lights and they do absolutely wonderful things to shiny latex of all hues. Just be super aware of safety and dont wrap any normal bulbs in colored plastic because it will melt, just like your latex will!

4. PRE CLEAN. Squeaky clean latex shines the best and therefore shoots the best. New latex will often be packaged with a little talc to prevent it sticking to itself during storage and transit and this pesky white powder gets into the the tiniest areas, areas of adhesion and where zipper meets latex. I myself got caught out by this during my shoot with Katri, this brand spanking new latex bodysuit had little bits of white in all the seems because I did not pre clean. Tsk tsk, who needs that spanking?!

5. WATER. Not sports, just regular water is an unused little trick to make latex look, well, wet. Lube will shine and create that bouncy, shiny look but actual water will add a wetness and depth to your look. Often this is accidental, any latex lover knows as soon as you don a latex jacket, trousers, skirt, gloves or stockings you will start to DRIP in sweat, and often this is caught on camera. But it works just as well when purposely placed there. Water droplets on latex look tres sexy in my opinion.

Were any of these tips new to you? Or are some of these in your staple toolkit for getting that perfect shiny pic? Let me know in the comments!